DIY Solar Home Kits

Convert sunlight into electricity! These solar systems operate silently with no moving parts and create no emissions. Solar technology is very proven, tested, and reliable. The basic technology has been in use for more than 50 years in places like roadside emergency call boxes, space stations, satellites, and hand held calculators. Our panels are guaranteed to produce clean renewable energy for 25 years.

New technological advances have drastically reduced the cost and increased the productivity of solar electric systems.

Solar Systems
Installing a solar electric system on your home or place of business will help reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill by producing your own electricity.
  • 35-50% of the system may be paid for with clean energy incentives
  • Save money while the system pays for itself
  • Free electricity for 25 years or more
  • Increase your property value, but not your property taxes
  • Financing options available
What Does Our Kit Offer?
We provide an easy and secure way to own a solar energy system. We are committed to the realistic responsible and reasonable use of our planet's limited energy resources. Our system offers a state of the art, reliable and cost effective solution that will produce clean renewable energy for decades.

Why Do Business with Us?
  • Our systems are small, affordable, and user friendly.
  • We take the hassle and complication out of purchasing and owning a solar system.
  • We can provide an energy analysis, quote, and schedule installation through the internet or over phone all for free.
  • We provide a complete source of local, state and federal tax rebates, grants and incentives.
  • We professionally service and install to all regions in the USA.

We know you will be proud to own and operate a solar system.  We also want you to feel secure in the purchase you have made. We have such confidence in our system workmanship and equipment we offer a 10 Year system Warranty and a 25 year manufacturer's warranty on the solar panels.

Additional Information

The Problem

Solar in the US is challenged with barriers:

    • PV system costs are too high – Price of a residential PV system puts it out of financial reach of the average homeowner
    • Utility rates are continuously increasing – Escalating utility costs impact homeowners’ bottom line
    • It’s not an easy product to buy – Purchase barriers due to a complex product, too technical, buying process and arcane requirements at the local, state and federal level
    • Distribution is fragmented – Few nationwide installation teams exist and local technicians have limited experience
    • Lack of financing – lending programs for the residential buyer are difficult to obtain

The Solution

Our DIY Home Kit breaks down these existing barriers with a comprehensive, low-cost, accessible and supported PV solution for the mass market

    • Standard Components – Pre-packaged/engineered solutions
    • Differentiating Technology – Platform to deliver integrated marketing, customer support, and PV design tools
    • Service and Support – Inbound and outbound voice, chat and email sales and support
    • Financing Solutions – Pre-qualified systems through financial partners for low cost green financing

Key Differentiators

Our solution will be a formidable competitor to existing solar integrators

    • Bundling of the solution – Simplifies and demystifies the sales process for solar PV
    • Technology supported sales and customer service – Streamlines the end-to-end process from sales through implementation
    • UL listing of the platform – Accelerates permitting and rebate process
    • The Team – Over 60 years of direct expertise in the global solar PV industry

Partner Advantages

Strengthen YOUR current business model

  • Solar season begins in the spring and ends with first snow fall; expanding your seasonal business
  • Product diversity protects from downturn economy
  • Solar is one of the fastest growing markets (35%) worldwide
  • Government, utility and local subsidies are available to your company and customers
  • Easy to cross-train your existing staff