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330-Watt Solar Panels (Full Pallet) | Solar4America

330-Watt Solar Panels (Full Pallet) | Solar4America

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These American made PV mono bifacial panels are a cost-effective and efficient solution for the average US home. We can freight ship anywhere in the continental United States. This product is for pallets only, 31 panels come in a pallet. Single panels also available. Shipping not included, Call for shipping quote. Free Pickup Available in Sacramento or Grass Valley, CA. Please call 530-273-4895 for more info/details on shipping or pickup.



  • High power output: 330W
  • Manufactured and sold in the United States of America

Electrical Characteristics at Standard Test Conditions:

  • Maximum Power - Pmax (W): 330
  • Open Circuit Voltage - Voc (V): 40.8
  • Short Circuit Current - Isc (A) Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V) Maximum Power: 10.22
  • Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V): 33.4
  • Maximum Power Current - Impp (A): 9.88
  • Module Efficiency: 19.82%

Electrical Characteristics at Normal Operating Cell Temperature: 

  • Maximum Power - Pmax (W): 245
  • Open Circuit Voltage - Voc (V): 37.72
  • Short Circuit Current - Isc (A): 8.26
  • Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V): 31.53
  • Maximum Power Current - Impp (A): 7.77
Pallet Dimensions: 67.72 x 44.49 x 44.49in (1720 x 1130 x 1130mm)

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