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330-Watt Solar Panels | Solar4America

330-Watt Solar Panels | Solar4America

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These American made PV mono bifacial panels are a cost-effective and efficient solution for the average US home. We can freight ship anywhere in the continental United States. This product is for single panels only. Pallets also available. Shipping not included, call for shipping quote. Free Pickup Available in Sacramento or Grass Valley, CA. Please call 530-273-4895 for more info/details on shipping or pickup.



  • High power output: 330W
  • Manufactured and sold in the United States of America

Electrical Characteristics at Standard Test Conditions:

  • Maximum Power - Pmax (W): 330
  • Open Circuit Voltage - Voc (V): 40.8
  • Short Circuit Current - Isc (A) Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V) Maximum Power: 10.22
  • Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V): 33.4
  • Maximum Power Current - Impp (A): 9.88
  • Module Efficiency: 19.82%

Electrical Characteristics at Normal Operating Cell Temperature: 

  • Maximum Power - Pmax (W): 245
  • Open Circuit Voltage - Voc (V): 37.72
  • Short Circuit Current - Isc (A): 8.26
  • Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V): 31.53
  • Maximum Power Current - Impp (A): 7.77
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