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SUNNY BOY 700U Refurbished

SUNNY BOY 700U Refurbished

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These fully refurbished inverters are intended for simple replacement for your existing inverter.

The Sunny Boy 700U is a DC to AC grid-tied utility interactive inverter for use with photovoltaic (PV). The SB 700U is additionally UL listed for the use with fuel cell, wind turbine and other sources of DC power.

In general, the Sunny Boy takes power from a DC source (PV modules) and converts it to AC power for the utility grid. This power is delivered first to local loads (household appliances, lights, motor loads, etc.), with any excess power fed to the utility. The power consumed by the local loads reduces the power needed from the utility. Excess power may actually “spin the utility meter backwards” depending on the type of meter in your system. This power may also be recorded as power credits by the utility company depending on the interconnection agreement.



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