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Solar Air Conditioning

Cool Breeze Window Air Conditioning Inverter

This highly specialized solar powered air-conditioning inverter is designed for one purpose, to combine advanced technology to directly power highly efficient off-the-shelf air-conditioners, without batteries during the daytime, but can also use supplemental power for 24 hour cooling.

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Solar Water Pumping

Sun flower Smart Solar Water Pump Kit

This water pump kit delivers 1.5 - 2 gallons per minute or 400-700 gallons per day, depending on amount of sunlight. (Optimum sunlight hours are between 10 am to 3 pm)

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About Us

Back around the year 1976, a few fellows moved to The North San Juan Ridge in Northern California to start their humble beginnings. Sam Vanderhoof, Ron Kenedi, and John Hill partnered up to sell much needed supplies to those living off grid. First, John had The Earth Store located on the right side (currently where the cash registers are) inside Mother Truckers. Nails, plumbing parts, books and kerosene were sold there. One day, Sam walked through the door with a small solar panel and John knew, this would change his kerosene sales. The three men cooperated in business, and eventually, John opened Sierra Solar in Grass Valley, CA. Sam and Ron stayed on the Ridge and opened Independent Power Company located at Mother Truckers on the left side of the garage. Today it's still referred to as IPCO (Independent Power Co.) Eventually, Independent Power Company moved above the post office in NSJ, and later to Idaho Maryland Rd, becoming the largest mail order company in the world for it's time. Many years passed by, and all three men continued their friendship and their careers in solar. 15 years ago, I met Sam, John and then Ron. As they were nearing retirement, I became engrossed in helping people with their solar systems. I created an online store called YouLoveSolar.com and began selling solar products worldwide. I have without letup, provided my services online, based here in Nevada County, CA. Now, nearly 15 years later, I have opened a small grass roots solar store located inside Ag Natural at 400 Idaho Maryland Rd right across the street from where John once had located Sierra Solar and literally almost next door to where Sam and Ron had moved Independent Power to, 30 years ago. My name is Kristina Whitney and I welcome you to our store. Our team of solar experts wish to serve you in your solar energy needs. Give us a call (530)- 273-4895.