AC Kilowatt-Hour Meters

The ITRON LCD meter is the standard utility-grade meter seen on most homes. These reconditioned, certified, utility-grade meters are an economical means for keeping track of how much energy you are selling back to the utility grid. This meter works for 120 VAC or 120/240 VAC systems with a maximum current of less than 200 A. The 028-03042, five terminal meter (Form 12S) is used for tracking the power fed back to the grid from an OutBack 120 VAC grid-tie system. Often used for Green Tag sales.

Kilowatt-Hour Meter Sockets

There are two types of kilowatt-hour meter bases available for single phase 2- or 3-wire 100 A service, and each includes a sealing ring.

The cast, round base has 1 ½" threaded holes in the top and bottom and is not UL Listed.

The 4-terminal socket is rated at 125 A, 240 VAC, and is used with the 2S meter for 120/240 VAC systems. UL Listed and NEMA 3R rated for outdoor use. The 5-terminal socket is rated at 200 A, 480 VAC and is used with the 12S meter. UL listed and NEMA 3R rated for outdoor use. The 7-terminal socket is 13" W x 19" H, rated at 200 A, 600 VAC and is used with form 16S meters. It is a ringless socket with a lever bypass, which allows removal of the meter without interrupting service. Use this socket for the Locus Energy L-Gate 310 monitoring option on page 161. UL Listed and NEMA 3R rated for outdoor use. The closing plate is used to cover the overhead entry into the sheet metal base when entering from either the side or the bottom.

Vision Meter

These utility-grade, digital smart kilowatt-hour meters employ current transformers for extremely accurate measurement and long-term stability, even at low power levels. Non-volatile memory protects data in the event of a power failure. The Vision Meter can display kWh delivered, kWh received, kWh net, instantaneous demand, voltage, current, phase angle and segment check.

The Vision Meters with wireless communication utilize robust 900 MHz radio communication between the Vision Meter and Vision Gate Collector to provide real-time data. The Collector connects to a local area network. A PC must be running on the network to receive data from the collector. One Gate Collector can read multiple meters in a 1000-yard line-of-site radius. A Collector can also be configured as
relay to increase range or to go around corners.

Performance Based Initiative Approved Meters

These Smart meters appear on the website list of approved meters for Performance Based Initiative (PBI) systems. Capable of communication using RF, Cellular, Power Line Carrier, and Ethernet protocols. The GE KV2C+ is designed for especially harsh climates and suitable for 600 V applications.

The form 2S meter is used for single-phase, 120/240 VAC, 3-wire installations.

The form 9S meter is used for 3-phase, 208 VAC, 4-wire delta installations.

The form 16S meter is used for 3-phase, 208 or 480 VAC, 4-wire Wye installations.

Wireless Communications

EnGenius Outdoor Rated Long Range Wireless Bridge

The EnGenius EOC2611P is a long range outdoor 2.4GHz wireless access point/client bridge for transmitting monitoring data from a ground mount or remote building directly to a wireless router. Capable of ranges as far as 2.5 miles (limited to the range of the router). For long range transmission, 2 units may be needed with one unit located near the router. 64/128-bit WEP data encryption and WPA/WPA2 data security protocols are supported. A MAC address filter can be used to limit network access to specific computers.

Asoka Plug Link 9650 Ethernet Bridge - Power Line Adapter

The Asoka Power Line Adapter sends monitoring data over existing AC power lines. Simply plug one unit in to a nearby wall socket (or outlet installed in a monitoring enclosure), and the other unit near the router. Both should be plugged into a circuit fed by the same main/sub panel to avoid noise from other appliances interfering with the signal. An Ethernet cable is used to connect the bridge to either the monitoring device or router.

Grid Tie System Monitoring
As grid-tied solar PV systems become more popular, online monitoring is playing an increasingly important role in both residential and commercial systems. Most commercial PPA and residential leasing financiers require revenue-grade monitoring to be coupled with online reporting tools. Many incentive programs, particularly performance-based and renewable energy credit-based ones, also require accurate real-time monitoring and some form of automated reporting. Many commercial and residential customers want something they can point to when bragging about their solar PV system and an online monitoring system with a smart-phone app fits the bill nicely. Savvy installers are also finding that online monitoring enables them to be proactive in managing their brand and often pair a monitoring system with a service agreement that includes periodic cleaning and maintenance of the system. Whatever the motive, a good online monitoring system can help reinforce the value of a solar PV system for years after installation.

We offer a variety of inverter-agnostic solutions to meet different application needs. Our monitoring partners can also set up branded solutions for your company that enable you to centrally monitor all of your installed systems while putting your brand in front of the end-users every time they view their system performance.


DECK Monitoring pairs an advanced software product with enhanced customer service to provide added value to all parties in a PV project partnership. DECK's streamlined customer experience, from system planning and ordering to installation and support, eliminates avoidable complications and delays, saving installers time and money. The customizable DECK Dashboard has many features to promote the end user's organization and generate green PR. Smart DECK alarms and analytics provide clear, actionable datas and responsive support services are available to assist in every aspect of system management.

All of these tools and support work together to ensure a good long-term ROI.
How to Build a DECK System Quote:
Choose a Commercial or Residential Core Package. This includes a Revenue Grade Meter, a Gateway, and CTs plus service for 5 years. Add 5-year extensions as desired.

Expand Monitoring Capabilities with a Weather Station, Inverter Data (one per inverter), Additional Meters (one for each additional meter ),
Sub-Array Monitoring (one for each sub-array zone), and/or String Level Monitoring.

Choose any advanced features, such as the All-In-One Box, which provides all of your selected hardware pre-wired and pre-configured in a ULListed NEMA 4 enclosure, a Visual Display kiosk or touchscreen for on-site public viewing, and/or Wireless Communication to avoid running wire for data transmission.

Contact our AEE Technical Support Team for assistance in specifying your monitoring system Model.