Sunny Design Tool

From the power experts at SMA comes an online tool that makes designing a PV system easy, whether you are a professional installer or a DIY homeowner. 



From the SMA website: "With Sunny Design software, you can plan tailor-made PV systems for your customers. It could be a grid-connected PV system with or without a battery-storage system, smart energy management or e-mobility, an off-grid island or hybrid system - Sunny Design takes all technical specifications for the various components into account and provides you with relevant data for a cost-effective assessment of the system. That means that you can match your PV systems to suit the circumstances on-site.

It couldn't be easier. Simply open Sunny Design in your web browser or on your iPad or Android tablet and enter the necessary data in the user-friendly interface. In just a few minutes, Sunny Design will configure the ideal PV system for your customers on your behalf. You can use Sunny Design free of charge."