NEW! WattStation Pedestal Version

The WattStation pedestal version features a retractable charging cable and is available in black, white, orange, red, purple, blue, teal, or green. RFID access is available on the pedestal version and uses a USB RFID programmer and software to centrally manage permissions and/or billing for multiple WattStations. Optional upgrades for credit card access as well as Ethernet and Smart Grid connectivity are expected to be available when the pedestal version launches in early to mid 2012.

NEW! DuraStation™

he GE DuraStation line of EV Charging Stations is designed and built for heavy-duty commercial and industrial use. While not as elegant as the WattStation line, the DuraStation can be wrapped and branded by the manufacturer or a local vehicle wrap vendor to better match the vehicle or location where it is installed.

The DuraStation features a cord holder, a color-changing status light, a text display, and single-phase energy metering. RFID enabled DuraStations include Ethernet connectivity, and RFID card management software for centralized data gathering and control.