Roof Mounting System

SnapNrack was developed by a team of veteran solar engineers working with installers in the field to ensure quick, efficient installation. It simplifies and reduces the cost of the solar installation process. SnapNrack is a top-down roof mounting solution, load tested and engineered for up to 150 mph wind loads. The rail is a lightweight anodized aluminum extrusion that is easy to transport, handle and install. SnapNrack is compatible with modules from virtually any manufacturer. Snap-in sliding channel nuts ensure quick and easy installation and precise alignment of module clamps. Mid-clips are ½" wide to simplify layout calculations. Every bolt in the system uses the same size wrench, ensuring efficient installation and reducing man-hours on the roof. Standoffs and L-feet connect to the rails using the same snap-in channel nuts as the module clamps – no drilling required. Channels in the rail profiles can be used for clean, simplified wire management. SnapNrack is engineered for durability and structural integrity in all environments, providing excellent seismic, wind, and snow loading protection on all components. Its compact and efficient rail design reduces material requirements and ensures a low profile installation on any roof. SnapNrack has been engineered from the ground up to ensure maximum standoff adjustability for a clean, level installation even on uneven roof surfaces. Tilt-up can be achieved with pieces of cut rail and the tilt leg kit. Rails and components are covered by a 10-year warranty.

SnapNrack Universal Roof Mount Kits

SnapNrack Universal Roof Mount Kits include black or clear anodized rail, mid clamps, Universal End Clamps (UEC), and black rail end caps, so they are suitable for use with black- or clear-framed modules. The UEC slips beneath the bottom flange of the module frame; one size fits virtually all modules with frame depth greater than 1.3". Secured out of sight beneath the modules, the UECs lend a smooth,
finished look to the array. Module quantities in the table below are applicable for modules listed in this catalog, as well as any other brand of modules with a width of 39.5" or less. Aluminum rails may be cut to length as needed. Roof attachment parts are sold separately and depend on the type of roof to which the mounting structure will be secured.

POWER-FAB Two-Tier Ground Mounts (TTRGM)

The two-tier mount is a cost-effective way to create large ground mounted arrays. Two-Tier Ground Mounts are made from 6061-T6 structural aluminum extrusions with a mill finish and have adjustable, telescoping back legs. Modules are mounted in portrait orientation 2 rows high and 2 to 5 rows wide. Models are available to hold from 4 to 10 modules (depending on module width). Multiple two-tier mounts may be installed side-by-side. These mounts may also be used as roof mounts if structural and wind load requirements allow. Ground mounts do not include foundations or foundation engineering.

POWER-FAB Pole Mounts

Pole mounts represent a simple, cost-effective approach to mounting small PV arrays without the need for complex foundations or leveling. A Schedule 40 or 80 rigid steel pole with a deep concrete anchor is typically sufficient, but specific requirements may vary due to soil type and expected wind loads. Pole clamp upgrades are available for most POWER-FAB Pole Mount models to accommodate diameters of up to 12 inches.

All DPW Pole Mounts are made to order, so please include a data sheet for the modules you plan to use and allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. If the dimensions of your module are outside of those listed in the Module Series Sizing Chart on page 47, specify the next size up.

POWER-FAB Side Pole Mounts (SPM)

Power-FAB SPM mounts are made from mill-finish aluminum. Upgrades to anodized or powder coated aluminum are available for additional charge. Stainless steel module mounting hardware is provided with all mounts, and tamper-resistant hardware kits are also available for installations that may be left unattended for long periods. Stainless steel fastener kits and high-wind upgrades are also available for the mounting structure itself.

Stainless steel band clamps are provided with each mount for attachment to 2" to 4.5" diameter poles, but can be upgraded to accommodate larger diameters. Most mounts can also be attached to flat vertical surfaces using installer-supplied lag bolts or through-bolts.

Most SPM mounts can be shipped by UPS.

Use the Module Series Sizing Chart on page 39 to determine module series.


Universal Track Rack

Passive Solar Tracker for PV Modules

The Zomeworks passive Track Rack uses no motors, no gears and no controls that can fail. The sun's heat moves liquid from side to side, so that gravity naturally turns the Track Rack to follow the sun.

The Zomeworks Universal Track Rack system allows for almost limitless adjustment in both the east-west and north-south directions. Available in five standard sizes for holding 2 to 32 modules, Universal Track Racks are designed to fit all common photovoltaic modules. The F-Series Track Racks ship partially assembled for easy installation. The new UTRF168HD comes with heavy duty rails. Both UTRF168 trackers come with a high wind kit. All of these mounts come with stainless steel and zinc-plated hardware and a 10-year standard warranty.

Please specify number of modules to be mounted on the tracker and include the module data sheet with your order. The tracker will be customized with the correct amount of hardware, and in some cases the rail length will be adjusted for better fit. Module quantities followed by an asterisk require an additional rail set at an extra charge.