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Mitsubishi PV-MF 165EB3 165-Watt Solar Panels (Certified Pre Owned)

Mitsubishi PV-MF 165EB3 165-Watt Solar Panels (Certified Pre Owned)

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These are good pre-owned solar panels to be used in replacement for an existing system.

Local Pickup only. Will call at Sacramento, California.

The Mitsubishi MF165EB3 has a 13.1% cell conversion efficiency rate, made possible by improved silicon wafer quality and improved contacts between the silver electrodes and the wafer. What this means is that, compared to other 165 watt panels on the market, this panel has a higher maximum power rating and will continue to produce more for a longer period of time. Each panel is warranted for minimum power production.  It also has a Lead-free solder, which protects the environment from the toxic effects of lead.

The triple layered terminal box with resin cover, metal barrier cover and UL94 V-0 certified potting material offer extraordinary water resistance and flame retardancy. Mitsubishi’s high efficiency cells allow you to construct a large-scale system with fewer modules, thus using less model rack support material and contributing to total system cost reduction.

Mitsubishi has over 80 years of experience in electrical and electronic equipment. They’ve been making PV modules to power satellites since the 1970’s


  • High efficiency multi-crystalline modules
  • Consistent, reliable time proven products
  • UL listed
  • 6 inch cell modules
  • Low iron, tempered glass, EVA encapsulant and anodized aluminum frame construction
  • Weather resistant junction box or multi-contact connectors

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