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SMA SB RS 485-N Communication Card RS-485 Module (485USPB-NR)

SMA SB RS 485-N Communication Card RS-485 Module (485USPB-NR)

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SMA’s RS-485-N Communication Module

This communication card is an upgrade and used in place of the older RS232 communication card.  

This communication module is used to control multiple SunnyBoy Inverters with one PC. There is no limit to the number of SunnyBoys you can connect to a computer. Connected to one central controller is the busline communication system which provides simultaneous connections. This product is ideal for using Sunny Data Control software. With this product your inverters must have dedicated cabling.

Features & Attributes

  • Has the ability to link an unlimited number of inverters to one computer.
  • Busline communication system allows simultaneous communication to one central controller.
  • Perfect for use with Sunny Data Control software which you can get here.
  • MPN: SB RS-485-N


This module replaces the digital screen readout. 


Compatible with SunnyBoy SB 700-U, SB 1100-U, SB1800-U, SB2100-U, SB2500-U, SB3300-U, SB3800-U, SB4000-US, SB5000-US, SB6000-U, SB6000-US, SB7000-US, SB8000-US


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